On Nov. 15, The Carlson Law Firm asked for submissions to bless someone in need with a Christmas Miracle. We asked for stories from the heart, and to let us know how we can make a difference in your loved ones’ lives. Within days, we received hundreds of worthy nominations. We were so overwhelmed with the response that instead of blessing one family with a Carlson Christmas Miracle, we decided to select three. Throughout December, we delivered gifts to these very deserving families.

Erica in San Antonio:

The Carlson Law Firm’s charitable program Carlson Cares delivered a Christmas Miracle to a Lubbock grandmother raising her four grandchildren. Just as winter weather began to move in, the gas company was forced to cut off Mary’s gas in October because of a gas line leak.

With dipping temperatures leading to snow storms, the family endured some of Lubbock’s coldest nights without central heat. In addition, they had to rely on their microwave to eat because Mary has been unable to use her range stove. While Mary has worked hard all of her life, a workplace injury put her out of a job. Unfortunately, she has spent the last several months supporting her grandchildren on a limited income. As a result, she has been unable to afford the gas leak repair costs. 

In mid-November, The Carlson Law Firm announced that it was accepting nominations for its first annual Carlson Christmas Miracle. In response to the firm’s call for submissions, Mary decided to ask for one simple miracle: feed the kids Christmas dinner.

Rather than just give Mary a dinner for one day, The Carlson Law Firm decided to fix the problem. The firm coordinated with a local plumbing company to go to Mary’s home to repair the gas line. In addition, we asked Mary for a Christmas wish list from each of her grandchildren, ages 2, 8, 10 and 14. We fulfilled each child’s Christmas wish list.

On Dec. 18, Carlson Law Firm’s Managing Partner Craig Carlson joined Lubbock attorney Russell Shrauner to make the special delivery to Mary’s home. Carlson and Shrauner delivered the gifts for each child, a special gift for Mary to open on Christmas Day and a gift card to a local grocery store to cover the costs of Christmas dinner for Mary and her grandchildren.

Amy in Austin:

An Austin family is enjoying a Christmas Miracle this holiday season thanks to Carlson Cares, the charitable arm of The Carlson Law Firm, spreading comfort and joy.

Amy, her husband, and four kids moved to Austin for a better life after her husband was offered a job. The family packed up everything they could fit into a small truck and made the move. However, shortly after the move, her husband suffered a stroke which put him out of work. Amy also deals with health issues that have kept her from working. While the family is regaining their footing through her husband’s temporary work, Amy was unsure if she would be able to give her kids a Christmas this year.

She wrote to the Carlson Cares Christmas Miracle asking for nothing more than gifts for her four children ages 6,7,8, and 17. In her letter, she described her dread going to the store at the time of year knowing that her four kids will ask if Santa can bring them certain items for Christmas. Because she knew deep down that they would not be able to purchase any gifts this year.

On Dec. 14, The Carlson Law Firm went to the family’s home to drop off a Christmas tree, Christmas decorations, and gifts for all of their children. Each of Amy’s children got everything they wished for on their Christmas list. In addition, the firm surprised the family with an HEB gift card and a check to cover the family’s rent for the month of January.

Mary in Lubbock:

The Christmas season just got a little cheerier for Erica and her children. The San Antonio mother, her three children, and grandchild are sleeping in warm beds tonight thanks to Carlson Cares, an initiative by The Carlson Law Firm, bringing comfort and joy to families in need this holiday season.

Erica found herself and her children in search of a new place to live after fleeing an abusive relationship. Additionally, a cancer diagnosis and subsequent illness left her unable to work.

With the help of community resources, she along with her children were able to move into a new apartment in San Antonio. However, for months, they lived without furniture and slept on the floor.

Currently, she is in remission after a battle with colon cancer and recovering from a splenectomy after doctors found an aneurysm in her spleen. Day in and day out, Erica woke up to take care of her children and her grandson. However, because of her weakened immune system she has to wear a face mask that she has to wear for the rest of her life.

“I have to wear a mask every day now,” Erica said. “Any little thing can get me sick, anybody’s germs.”

When The Carlson Law Firm began asking for submissions for A Carlson Christmas Miracle, Erica’s ex-sister-in-law responded with her story. Her former sister in law’s request for Erica and her family was simple: this family just needed beds.

The Carlson Law Firm decided to furnish Erica’s apartment with queen beds, mattresses and box springs, and dressers. Additionally, the family received a Christmas tree and all four children in the home received Christmas presents. The firm also provided the family with a $100 H-E-B gift card to purchase their Christmas dinner.

You can watch the families’ stories on The Carlson Law Firm’s YouTube https://youtu.be/IBrkuFsj6TU

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