With the arrival of another infamous Texas summer, the heat is up. What better way to keep cool than with Carlson?

The Carlson Law Firm hosted its first Keep it Cool with Carlson event on Friday. Despite the sizzling summer sun, a crowd gathered in the parking lot of the law firm’s Killeen location – smiles on faces and snow cones in hands.

People of all ages enjoyed a sweet treat at the Keep it Cool event. Photo by Jeremy Sexton.

The first of four Keep it Cool with Carlson events was a lively success, with visitors getting to meet with attorneys, snack on free Kona Ice snow cones, and receive free summer-friendly Carlson Law Firm merchandise. Attendees also had the chance to win free season passes to Summer Fun Waterpark. The event featured local radio station, US 105.5, which serenaded visitors with country music.

The Keep it Cool events feature free merchandise perfect for the summertime. Photo by Jeremy Sexton.

Events will continue every Friday from 12–2 p.m. throughout the month of June. Visitors can expect free snow cones, giveaway opportunities, and free merchandise. Different radio stations will be joining the events each week, including The Beat 106.3, Latino 99.1, and 103.1 KISS FM.

The Keep it Cool With Carlson campaign aims to encourage safe driving habits and engaging with the community. The events are held every Friday in June to serve as a reminder that road-rage incidents happen more often in the summer and car accidents are more common on Friday.

“Too often, we see tragic car accidents happen because anger got in the way of better judgment and a tailgate, cut-off or vulgar gesture that could have been ignored escalated into road rage ultimately resulting in a crash,” said Michael Erskine, Partner at The Carlson Law Firm. “While we are here to help when these accidents occur, our desire is that no one gets hurt so we’re pursuing this goal with our Keep It Cool With Carlson Campaign.” 

In addition to the community events on Fridays this month, The Carlson Law Firm will be sharing tips on how to manage road-rage throughout all of their social channels. Keep it Cool with Carlson events are about beating the summer heat, but they are also about not getting “heated” behind the wheel.

Here are a few tips on keeping it cool while driving:

  • Find a calming technique that won’t distract you. Common practices are deep breathing, counting out loud and repeating the names of your loved ones. 
  • Remember, accidents don’t just happen to the next guy. Make the safe decision, even when you’re feeling invincible. Heroes make the right decision that protects everyone.   
  • If someone cuts you off, let it go and focus on getting to your destination safely. Engaging with a bad driver gives them too much power—it sets you off course and can result in a life-changing accident. 
  • Listen to music that has a calming effect on you when you’re driving.  
  • Plan long trips with periodic stops to take a break and hydrate. Consider finding a fun café or landmark to look forward to and put a positive light on your drive. If your budget is limited, you can bring water and snacks from home to enjoy at a park.   
  • If a road scare rattles you, find a safe place to stop and calm down.  

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Carlson Cares is a charitable program from The Carlson Law Firm, a nationally recognized personal injury law firm. With 16 locations in Texas, Carlson Cares gives back to their communities through volunteer work and hosting family-friendly Parties with a Purpose. Our mission is to improve the lives of every Texan.

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