The Carlson Law Firm is spreading Christmas cheer this year and making miracles happen. For the second year in a row, you can help make Christmas a little brighter by nominating a family or individual for a Carlson Cares Christmas Miracle. Nominations open on Nov. 1.

Last year, we made three miracles happen, but this year we will be doubling our efforts! 

Does grandma need a flight to visit her first grandchild? Has job loss or an injury left a friend unable to buy Christmas gifts for their kids this year? Does your neighbor’s leaky roof need to be fixed before the next storm? 

Then nominate them for a Carlson Christmas Miracle! 

To nominate a deserving family or individual, on Nov. 1 visit our website to fill out the submission form. Tell us what you think they need and why the person or family you are nominating is deserving of a Carlson Cares Christmas Miracle. If your nomination is selected, you will be contacted on Nov. 12 and given a 24-hour deadline to respond. Because of time constraints, if you do not respond within 24 hours, we will move on to the next nomination. Once selected and confirmed by phone, our Carlson Christmas Elves will immediately get to work making your miracle happen. 

“For so many people, the magic of Christmas disappears because of monetary constraints,” said Managing Partner Craig Carlson. “Parents start to worry about feeding their children a nice Christmas meal, making sure their kids wake up to a present or two or even just putting up a tree and decorations. So many of these things a lot of us take for granted. If there is anything we can do to bring back the magic of Christmas and give these parents or caregivers a little relief then nominate them. We look forward to this all year.”

In 2018, The Carlson Law Firm delivered a Texas-sized Christmas Miracle to three families:

  • Erica in San Antonio. Erica was nominated by her former sister in law. Erica was diagnosed with cancer and had a splenectomy which made her unable to work. While the family had a home, they lived without furniture for months after Erica fled an abusive relationship. The family received beds, as well as Christmas decorations and presents from The Carlson Law Firm.
  • Amy in Austin. Amy nominated her kids for A Carlson Christmas Miracle. After her husband suffered a stroke, Amy was unsure of how they would make Christmas happen for their children. The Carlson Law Firm decided to step in and get the children everything on their Christmas list. We also covered the family’s rent for the month of January. 
  • Mary in Lubbock. Mary takes care of four of her grandchildren on a limited income. The family lived without gas to their home for several months after the gas company discovered a leak. Mary did not ask the firm to cover the cost of repairing her gas line, but instead just asked the firm to give the kids a warm Christmas dinner. Rather than let the kids eat one warm meal, we decided to pay for the repairs to Mary’s gas line so that Mary could cook the kids dinner. We also purchased everything on the kids’ Christmas list.  

Carlson Cares operates out of The Carlson Law Firm’s 12 offices across Texas. Each month, a different office gives back to their community through volunteer work and hosting family-friendly Parties with a Purpose. Our mission is to improve the lives of every Texan. 

Our Carlson Cares Christmas Miracle puts the bow on another year of giving back.

The Carlson Law Firm will deliver a Carlson Christmas Miracle to six deserving families.