What has now come to be a favorite time of year for the Carlson Law Firm, Carlson’s Christmas Miracle, is back for its fifth year. After receiving hundreds of nominations, The Carlson Law Firm picked out four special families who make our communities a little brighter.  The chosen families are the perfect demonstrations of what it means to be resilient, place family above all, and carry hope even through difficult moments. 

“With current inflation raising the prices of everything, families in our communities across Texas have felt the financial strain for everyday essentials, from groceries to gas,” Managing Partner Craig Carlson said. “Every year, our goal is to help people during the holiday season by making their Christmas a little brighter. After receiving hundreds of nominations and making the hard decision, we chose these four families who represent what is important for all of us: the importance of putting family first and daily resilience to life’s curveballs. That’s why we made it our mission to put smiles on these families’ faces.”

The nomination period for this year’s miracles was opened on Oct. 3 and closed on Oct. 21. Here is a sneak peek of the amazing families we chose:

Beatriz in Austin 

Beatriz and her family had the unfortunate reality of losing their home to a fire this past May. All family members were able to get out as the fire burned their home, but the father and three of their children were hospitalized. One of the teenage boys experienced severe burns and required another surgery this month. The family is very fortunate to have been taken in by the in-laws, but are trying their best to get back and stand on their own two feet. 

Therefore, we gifted the daily items they may need to help with the process, including a refrigerator and HEB gift card to fill their new fridge with their favorite foods. After living through such a traumatic experience, we wanted to brighten the children’s spirits so we gifted them everything on their wish list. Watch our video to see how we helped this family this Christmas. 

Iliana in San Antonio

Iliana is a mother of three teenage boys- Jorge, Dylan, and Gredet. With the absence of the children’s father, Iliana takes on the role of providing and caring for her children all by herself while managing to make ends meet. 

In their submission, the nominator shared with us that the teenagers had been facing a rather difficult time in their lives dealing with bullying from their school peers. The teenage years can be particularly difficult for teenagers who experience bullying, no matter their background. It’s a time in your life when you’re trying to figure out who you are, but you have outside factors that may have an impact on that development. 

At The Carlson Law Firm, we want to empower our community and let them know they truly matter. Therefore, we decided to gift the teenage boys an experience that we hope can make them feel good within their own skin. Check out to see what the Carlson elves had in mind for the boys this Christmas. 

Kellyn in Belton 

Kellyn and her four children, all under the age of five, are the third family we chose for a Carlson Christmas Miracle. We felt they were so deserving of a miracle and wanted to help them get a new start. Kellyn has moved four times in the last year and has left two separate domestic violence relationships. When we realized that she is now a single mom of four children under the age of five, we recognized how strong and brave she must be to do this on her own. 

When Kellyn moved, she left almost everything behind. She needed a kitchen table, dressers, a crib for her newborn, new tires for her car, and a Wonderfold Wagon that fits all of her kids. Therefore, we gifted them items that would help make their new home a little cozier. Check out our video to see what the Carlson elves had in mind for this family.  

Ebony in Killeen 

Ebony is a single mom of three teenagers. During COVID, Ebony lost her job and has been unable to find steady work since 2021. To make ends meet, she Ubers, donates plasma, and notarizes documents for locals in the community. However, sometimes all the hard work she does isn’t enough to support three growing bodies. 

However, Ebony and her children are resilient. Ebony doesn’t ask for help, and when faced with a struggle, she finds ways to overcome it. For example, Ebony was having car issues, and because she could not afford to take the vehicle to a mechanic, she purchased the fuel pump from a local parts store and installed it herself with the help of a Youtube video. When reading her story, Carlson elves knew exactly what to do. 

About Carlson Cares 

Carlson Cares is the charitable program for The Carlson Law Firm. For many families, the holiday season doesn’t bring much cheer. This time of year can be costly and lead to significant stress for those on a tight budget. For the families we helped this year, The Carlson Law Firm helped by taking away the uncertainty of knowing what to prioritize. Our goal is to make Christmas a little less stressful and more magical each year. With Carlson Cares, the spirit of the holiday season is not lost.

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