KILLEEN, Texas – The Carlson Law Firm, known for its deep-rooted commitment to the community, is thrilled to announce the return of its esteemed holiday celebration, Carlson’s Christmas Miracle. The nomination period for our annual heartwarming initiative will open on October 2 and conclude on October 18.

Carlson’s Christmas Miracle is a testament to the firm’s dedication to celebrating the resilience and determination of families across Texas. Recognizing the potential hardships many face during the festive season, The Carlson Law Firm goes above and beyond, hand-selecting families who have faced challenges with tenacity. These chosen families are then gifted essential items, ranging from furniture and appliances to other indispensable daily necessities, aiming to provide relief and joy during the holiday season.

“We’ve always believed in the transformative power of giving,” said Managing Partner Craig Carlson. “Each year, through Carlson’s Christmas Miracle, we have the privilege of touching lives, making a difference, and truly embracing the spirit of the holidays. We encourage everyone in our great state of Texas to nominate deserving families who, despite life’s ups and downs, continue to inspire us all with their perseverance.”

Following the closure of the nomination period on October 18, the firm will embark on the challenging task of selecting the winning families. The results will be finalized, and recipients will be notified the week after the nomination deadline.

The Carlson Law Firm invites everyone to partake in this beautiful journey of giving and sharing. Together, we can ensure that the magic of Carlson’s Christmas Miracle reaches every corner of Texas.

To nominate a loved one or a family you know for a Christmas Miracle, please visit, The Carlson Law Firm’s official Christmas Miracle website, or contact Kazia Conway at

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