On March 23 and 29, staff from The Carlson Law Firm volunteered to help pack food bags and restock shelves at the Food Center in Killeen, Texas. In total, the firm helped pack over 200 bags filled with food that will be used to feed families in Killeen. 

Two separate groups volunteered on the different days to assist the Food Bank with organizing and distribution prepping. Staff wore masks and followed social distancing best practices during the volunteer days.

“There is a consistent need for providing nourishment to vulnerable communities,” Managing Partner Craig Carlson said. “This is especially true right now because so many have been affected by the pandemic, and now, the aftermath of the power outages. We are thankful for the work that the Food Care Center is doing and that they’ve allowed us to help them serve our community. We are happy that we are able to help out the Food Care Center and their mission to take care and feed families in the Killeen community.”

The Killeen Food Care Center has roughly about 5,000 clients each month. The bags that were filled are able to feed families the size of four members. Each bag provides about 35-40 pounds of food, which equals 30 meals or 10 days of food.  

The bags contain a variety of canned goods to feed families of up to four members. In addition, the Food Care Center provides other necessities including:

  • Eggs and dairy products
  • Fresh bread and pastries
  • Baby formula
  • Meats, fresh and frozen
  • Water and juices

The Food Care Center is a non-profit, faith-based is located at 210 N. 16th Street, serving the Killeen community for over 30 years. No qualifications are required to receive food and families in need can visit the center once a week. In addition to offering food, the Food Care Center has clothing and household goods available at a very low cost. 

For more information, visit www.foodcare.org.

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