There is no such thing as April showers, as nothing stopped San Antonio locals from partying this April. San Antonio’s Fiesta is here, and we have a guide for you to survive the tummy aches, sore feet, and all the fun you will have. With more than 3.5 million attendees, Fiesta is one of Texas’s biggest events as a way to celebrate San Antonio’s rich and diverse cultures. 

The eleven-day festival started on April 20 and ran until the 30th of the month, with various events across the city, including parades, live music, parties, exhibits, and more. For Fiesta’s first Friday and Saturday nights, St. Mary’s University hosted the Fiesta Oyster Bake, an event that grosses about $2 million each year and goes directly towards scholarships for students and other school activities. Another popular event is NIOSA, which means Night In Old San Antonio. Attendees were able to listen to a variety of live music played throughout the areas, including Dixieland jazz, rhythm and blues, and so much more. However, many attendees raved about the food one can devour at the festival, including Mexican, German, Chinese, and more!

Additionally, a fashion show was led by the University of the Incarnate Word’s fashion students. These students designed the collections shown, and it is a must-see if you haven’t experienced it yet. The best part is that the proceeds go to scholarships for students at the University of the Incarnate Word. 

It is safe to say that there is never a dull moment at Fiesta. In addition to all the fun activities, over 100 local nonprofit organizations and military units joined Fiesta to sell medals they have designed in an effort to help support a non-profit of their choice. Many San Antonioans that have attended the event will share that they have a medal collection from previous years. 

If you haven’t attended Fiesta, you don’t want to miss out! Next year join Carlson Cares, The Carlson Law Firm’s charitable program, at San Antonio’s Fiesta!

What is the History of San Antonio’s Fiesta?

Fiesta has a long history in the Texas city, dating all the way back to 1891, originally referred to as the Battle of Flowers in honor of the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto (Fun fact: that’s why the festivities were first known as Fiesta San Jacinto). By 1890, San Antonio became a booming city with a successful economy. However, the people of San Antonio wanted to continue honoring the men who fought for Texas’s liberation and launched the Battle of the Flowers. Initially, the parade consisted of carriages riffles to represent the military and children embellished in flowers. The Battle of Flowers continues to remain a centerpiece in the festivities. 

Now after more than 100 years of celebration, the event is family-friendly and invites everyone for fun-filled days the Texan way.  Now, people have instituted their own traditions around the event. 

There are parades, events, and so much for families and individuals to enjoy and partake in. Through a study done a few years ago, The Fiesta San Antonio Commission estimates that the festival generates roughly about $340 million in economic activity annually. 

To find a full schedule of Fiesta, click here

What is a San Antonio Fiesta Medal?

Fiesta medals are colorful military-style medals that can be pinned on your blouse, shirt, or sash. Originally, they were only distributed by Fiesta royalty but have now been introduced to local industry. Now, local non-profits and businesses are a part of this tradition, designing and creating their own medals and selling them as a fundraiser or to support a specific charity. 

This year, Carlson Cares, the charitable program of The Carlson Law Firm, attended Fiesta and had its own booth. At the booth, attendees were able to purchase a medal created by Carlson Cares, with all proceeds going to CASA (Child Advocates San Antonio). 

San Antonio’s Fiesta is here, and we have a guide for you to survive the tummy aches, sore feet,  and all the fun you will have. Join Carlson Cares, The Carlson Law Firm’s charitable program, at San Antonio's Fiesta!

In addition, we had small games with a chance to win some swag items. We’ll be attending next year as well, so make sure to stop by our booth and say hi!

Safety Tips to Consider for San Antonio’s Fiesta

For many, preparing for Fiesta is a must; it comes with practice to perfect it. However, for those who are out of town or unsure what to do to better prepare for the event of the year, check out our guide to ensure you are prepared for these upcoming days. 

  • Check the weather. Before heading out to have fun, ensure you are equipped for the upcoming weather. 
  • Make sure you’re prepared for the sun. Make sure you have packed some sunglasses and potentially a portable fan. In addition, slather on some sunblock to protect your skin from potential burns and skin cancer. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be on your feet a good amount throughout the day.  Set yourself up for success and wear a good pair of tennis shoes to help support your feet to have a great time. 
  • Try to carry only cash. If possible, carry cash over credit cards. 
  • Try to only bring the essentials. If you can avoid carrying a purse, backpack, or anything that can be stolen, do it. It will be less to carry and more room to hold onto food. Some essentials you may want to consider include a package of wipes, sunblock, your ID, and hand sanitizer
  • Don’t forget to take a break. With all the fun that surrounds you, it’s possible to want to soak in every second of it. However, dont forget to take care of yourself, meaning to take breaks when needed, especially water and restroom breaks. 
  • Make sure to stay close and in a group. The unfortunate reality is that big events like Fiesta is notoriously susceptible to sex trafficking. Large crowds make it easy for children and even adults to leave and lose the people they are with. Knowing your surroundings is essential if you are going to a festival with large crowds.

There is no doubt that Fiesta is the place to be during the following week. Carlson Cares hopes to see you all at Fiesta next year! Be safe and have fun!

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Carlson Cares is a charitable program from The Carlson Law Firm, a nationally recognized personal injury law firm. With 16 locations in Texas, Carlson Cares hosts a party each month from a different office, giving back to their community through volunteer work and hosting family-friendly Parties with a Purpose. Our mission is to improve the lives of every Texan.

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