[KILLEEN, TX] — Community engagement took on a tangible form as The Carlson Law Firm stepped into the Killeen Food Care Center outside of their usual capacity by surprising nearly 200 unsuspecting families with special gifts. On Nov. 7, the firm exemplified its commitment to the people of Killeen by handing out essential items and financial assistance to those in need.

In addition to their usual groceries, The Carlson Law Firm provided families and visitors of the Food Care Center with specially prepared bags filled with essential warm clothing items, such as beanies, socks and gloves, and a $25 Visa gift card. In addition, the firm handed out fun items such as teddy bears, books, toys for all ages, crosswords, self-care items and more that families could enjoy now or save later for Christmas gifts. This gesture was more than just a donation; it was a reflection of the firm’s core principles and a demonstration of its unwavering support for the local community.

“The surprise and appreciation in the community were palpable as we distributed $25 Visa gift cards and essential clothing like socks, beanies, and gloves,” Managing Partner Craig Carlson said. “It’s a profound reminder that these items, though small, can have a significant impact. This gesture goes beyond providing warmth; it signifies our commitment to support our community in meaningful ways.”

The day was marked by a sense of fellowship as volunteers from the firm connected with individuals and families, offering not just material goods but also the reassurance that their community stands with them. The actions of The Carlson Law Firm on this day served to remind the people of Killeen that they are not alone and that there are always helping hands ready to provide support.

“We’re here to make a difference and to be a steadfast supporter of everyone in our community,” Carlson said. “Today was about demonstrating our commitment to the well-being of our neighbors. We hope to not only meet immediate needs but also to communicate our firm’s dedication to the prosperity and support of the families we serve.”

These efforts highlight The Carlson Law Firm’s belief that their responsibility to the public goes beyond legal advice and courtrooms. It is about building a stronger community through acts of kindness and support. Equipping local families with these necessary items and financial aid, the firm continues to show that its passion for justice matches its compassion for people.

“We pride ourselves on being active members of this community,” Chief Operating Officer Lisa Griffin said. “We’re more than courtroom advocates; we’re about real, meaningful actions that uplift those around us. By adding these items for our fellow Central Texans, we’re offering a token of our solidarity and a promise that our involvement in this community is an ongoing commitment.”

As the firm looks forward to continuing its support for the community, the message to the people of Killeen is clear: The Carlson Law Firm is not just a provider of legal services but a true partner in fostering a community where every member can feel supported and valued.

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